Week 3

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jason Paige, DDS
JMU Undergrad
VCU  – School of Dentistry
Spoke about his path to his career in dentistry.

The students broke into their teams for a team strategy session.  The students were told to write their biggest challenge on a sheet of paper.  Their challenges would remain anonymous.  The challenge could be anything from school, home, social, personal, etc.  The assistant coaches read the challenges out loud and the team worked together to offer suggestions to overcome the struggle or challenge.

The goals were to identify:
-Where the students are struggling?
-What are they doing to improve?
-Opportunities to work together
-Who could help (teachers, tutors, team/classmates)?
-Importance of homework and studying
-Discuss time management
-How to communicate with teachers about their challenges
-Discuss the impact of poor performance on overall grades

Student Challenges
-Keeping grades up in English
-Hard time in Earth Science class
-Remembering to do homework
-Remembering things/ History
-Getting homework done on time
-Geometry grades
-Math grades
-Doing homework
-Keeping up with work and don’t have good study strategies
-Keeping grade up in WH II