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Michael Robinson’s Excel 2 Excellence Foundation!1099492

Foundation Biography:

As part of the Foundation, Michael is creating a pilot program at his alma mater Varina High School, located right here in Richmond.

The pilot program is called TEAM EXCEL and it uses a unique ‘reverse’ fantasy football concept that positions the students as the fantasy players and they are scored based on their grades, attendance and community service.  We are currently looking for 4-5 chapter members to volunteer with the program.  Volunteers would meet with Varina student-athletes two mornings per month, helping with planned activities and serving as mentors to the students.

12MRob3The volunteers will be assigned to a specific team and serve as “Assistant Coaches” to the pros.  Volunteers will have more hands on interaction with the kids and will be there to help motivate the kids and identify students that need additional assistance such as tutoring or other needs.  We envision the volunteers as mentors but more of a group approach as opposed to one on one.  Each morning session will have a speaker or workshop but we will have time set aside each morning for volunteers to check in with the students to make sure they are keeping up on assignments, attending tutoring, etc.

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