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The university has allowed us collect membership until the end of June 2022. Starting in July 22, the university will migrate to the One Membership program (sponsored by Penn State)

We are charging $5 for individuals and $10 for families.

Membership is TWO-STEP process
Step 1: Fill out membership form (online or snail mail) and
Step 2: Membership fee (snail mail or PayPal).

Step 1: Fill out the Membership Form (two options):

  1. Fill out the online membership form
  2. Print and mail the PDF form

Step 2: Send in your Membership Fee (two options):

1. Make a check payable to “Penn State Richmond” and mail to

PSAA Richmond Chapter
ATTN: Mark Walsh, Treasurer
PO Box 5581
Glen Allen, VA 23058

2. Paypal:

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